The International Association of Maritime Economist Annual Conference 2013 – Marseille

Bourse à la mobilité des chercheurs internationaux 

Managing complexity in shipping and port markets: firms’ business models, co-opetitive games and innovative public-private interactions.
Professor P. Cariou, Euromed Management
Professor E. Musso, University of Genoa
Associate Professor C. Ferrari, University of Genoa
Assistant Professor F. Parola, University of Naples Pathenope
Research Unit Director E. Gouvernal, IFSTTAR-SPLOTT, Paris Est University



Over the last few decades, maritime trade patterns and intermodal transport networks have changed dramatically. In this regard, understanding port and shipping policies and strategies is becoming increasingly complex:
1. Public administrations adopted radical changes in their organization, processes and objectives
2. Market structures were impacted by innovation, triggering public and private actors to rethink their strategies and business models
3. Supply chains were transformed and new partnerships emerged
4. New risk management and hedging tools spread into the shipping world